Why Hating Mexicans Just Isn’t Worth It…
21 May

Why Hating Mexicans Just Isn’t Worth It… .

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I Hate, I Mean  Mexicans

No matter what we seem to learn ignorance continues to be spread abroad…

With President Obama long gone and his legacy undone by our current unscrupulous, maniacal, narcissistic, and sometimes seemingly racist President Donald J Trump, running the world’s leading nation back to it’s barbaric roots of ancient Rome. Please don’t forget immigration reform is an issue that still plagues us.

Recently, I went to a Taco Bell within Allentown, PA in tow with my coworker Natasha D. and my mother.

(I know this sounds racist just look at what Obama has become in the eyes of DJT…) but I had a very hard time communicating with my server while trying to get him to get my order right. Every time I opened my mouth to speak all he could do and say while shrugging his shoulders was, “Make like this.”

I tried ordering three Crunchy Taco Supremes. But nevertheless, obviously the Mexican man serving me couldn’t for the life in me understand what I was saying. So while placing my order with the man I happened to turn my head to the right. Turning I saw a young Caucasian girl working there as well and asked her, “Is it true that President Donald Trump is building a wall around all the Taco Bells in America.You know, Natasha I, and my momz just had to crawl through a long ass tunnel to get inside.”

Yes, The journey to the Promised land of Taco Supreme was long and arduous.

However, before the woman opened her mouth to answer things quickly escalated and the scene got more ugly than Godzilla wearing a prom dress, hot-pink lipstick and high-heel shoes.

The man brazenly replied with a bit of an attitude Even though I hadn’t directed my question towards him he quickly replied, “Cumo Soko Say…?” or something to that effect.

 Angrily I spat, “Yeah mutha f%@ker! You goddamn right I come to stay! Ya wet-back, bean burrito eatin’ chipa-choloda, enchilada, f@$k-faced bastard!”

“Si-Si, senior.” He stated calmly while trying to diffuse the situation after seeing my eyes becoming blazing hot. Smiling a bit he winked at the girl then used his hands in a strange gesture and pointed at the menu trying to change the subject saying, “My jefe Mr. Marron say, ‘Make like this this.’

Again, I became even more peeved — due to our lack of communication as he pointed at my coworker and mother who were standing close by stating, “Madre amigo…?”

By then I was boiling over more than overcooked pasta in a stainless steel pot filled with too much water. Overflow was in effect. 

Take Note: If you don’t know by now I will be the first to tell you that the number one rule among African American men is that if you want to start a fight quickly…just say anything wrong about his momma and fists will fly faster than Superman with his ass on fire!

Me and my new Amigos. You probably can’t see me because there are so many of them. Hmmm, that does sound racist doesn’t it? If it does I apologize. They were once friendly Muppets with a hit show but were deported by Donald Trump.

Before he could damn near finish his sentence I jumped over the counter like a spring loaded kangaroo but Natasha grabbed me while yelling “Dion! Please stop it! Calm down, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean anything offensive.”

However, her words fell on deaf ears as I vehemently yelled back at Natasha stating, “Oh, hell nah! I know he didn’t just call my mother a goddamn hoe!”

Well, I guess you all can figure out the end of this story for yourselves. Let’s just say the outcome wasn’t pleasant for either me or my new found amigo Miguel Ramos. After spending the weekend in jail and paying a hefty fine, I was forced to watch the video below, and I believe you should do the same if you find yourself hating Mexicans.

Hate really is a dirty word…Ciao bitches!