The Watch List: Up-n-Coming Authors: Deanne Smith
08 Jun

The Watch List: Up-n-Coming Authors: Deanne Smith .

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Deanne Smith Book Signing

From on high to the streets and back again. Deanne shows the world why she’s in control of her destiny…

Seems though nowadays that Boston is not only known because of it’s delicious Boston Creme Pie delights, and singing sensation New Edition. On the contrary it appears that an Urban Fiction uprising is beginning to take place; a new Boston Revolution so to speak which is being led by non other than Deanne Smith who is blazing up the scene like a fire breathing dragon telling her no-holds-barred penned story; Acid Connections which is primarily based on her real life experiences which she entails through her own personal struggles.

Having spoke with her on numerous occasions I truly was fascinated by her life tales. Over the phone she candidly shared her life struggles from her innocence, to her downright spiraling travesty which she succumbed to, stemming from having a loving heart for the wrong man.

Nevertheless, I had the privilege of reading a few chapters of her her all-telling novel which I enjoyed immensely, and am looking forward to reading the rest. I must also add that meeting such a strong woman who is full of wisdom, faith, and lot’s of love was an honor and a pleasure. And without further adieu I introduce to you, Authoress Deanne Smith.


Acid Connections Book Trailer

Tina Turner Move over! Authoress Deanne Smith has a hellifying story to tell. There’s certainly no Ike beat Deanne going on up in here biatches!!!

DionCheese.Com: Tell me, what is the story behind your story?

Deanne Smith: There story behind Acid Connections is I wrote this book at the lowest point of my life. I was homeless, potentially facing federal criminal charges and in the mist of my storm I just sat and started writing, not even imagining that I would be here today. But I rebuilt my life brick by brick and today I am a new woman. This book seems to be the final chapter of everything coming full circle while also being the start the of a new chapter in my life. More then anything this book is like the representation of a Sankofa bird from me. It’s helped me to recapture my past and use it as a tool to carry me in to my future and what I am destined for – success

DC: Are you self-published are signed? Why did you choose the specific route?


Deanne:  I chose to self publish. There were pros and cons to both but when I weighed the options self publishing was a better fit for me. I put my blood sweat and tears in to writing my book and didn’t want to search and sell that my book was a good product so to please take a risk on me. I believed in my book it was like why not just go the extra mile to publish it and gain all the profit from my own work.
 DC: Has your local community shown you much support?
Deanne: Boston has shown me a crazy amount of support. It’s actually shocking because I find that Boston is NOT a place that backs there own. It’s sad to but they don’t and they have really made me say WOW with the support.  I have had people buy my book whom I know and don’t know, radio stations invite me for interviews, public speaking to promote it, as well as book stores looking to support
 and sell my book.
DC: How many book signings have you done thus far, and what is the most memorable moment for you to date?
Deanne: Unfortunately I haven’t done a lot of book signings. I had a really big book signing upon the release of my book at the beginning of April and sold out of all my books which was a happy moment. But I have gone to various places to speak and promote my book and the most memorable was a young lady coming up to me on the verge of tears telling me I inspire her, after listening to my personal story of how I came to write Acid Connections.

DC: How can people contact you, and what are you immediate future plans alongside of your long term goals?

Deanne: I am reachable through email at I also have a website with a contact form and that is I LOVE to hear from people and get back to everyone. Not to mention I am on every social network under “deanne the writer” My immediate plans are to get started on publishing part 2 of Acid Connections which is finished, while also starting to go to others states on the east coast to promote my book. My long term goal is to be able to become a full time writer and motivational speaker because I have a story that some young girl, lost and fighting to get back on track can benefit from.

Bonus Question: I truly find that aside from the Boston Massacre which was a horrific event that there is a second horrific event as well that has caused countless deaths across America and elsewhere around the world and that you my dear are a co-conspirator thereof. Putting this out there, my question is: Boston Crème doughnuts are extremely delicious and fattening. I eat about at least a dozen per week. Do you feel that your city is responsible for the many massively, enjoyable, yet deadly heart attacks induced by this irresistible treat?


Deanne: As crazy as this sounds, I am from Boston and have NEVER had a Boston Cream Doughnut so you will have to tell me!!!

Deanne’s Bio

Authoress Deanne Smith

I don’t care about any of Deanne’s blatant denials! She is responsible for my new gut! Damn you Boston Creme Doughnuts…

A sparkling diamond in the rough terrain of an urban life, author Deanne Smith’s childhood was as dramatic as her book, Acid Connections. Born to a Master’s Degree holding mother, whose own personal lifelong battles crippled her relationship for decades with her daughter, and a workaholic father who did everything to spoil and provide for his daughter financially, but failed to meet her emotional needs, Deanne may have been destined for failure. Miraculously, in stepped one woman – Deanne’s paternal grandmother –whose faith in Deanne sparked an undying flame and passion for life. It was because of her grandmother that Deanne grew up to a successful life — a far cry from what she was destined for. NaNa nurtured and raised her to not take “no” for an answer and to always press on with her dreams.


Throughout her childhood, Deanne used writing as an escape from the hardships of her life, but eventually her writing became a tool to realizing her dreams. “Writing is my passion, my peace of mind and what soothes my soul,” she confessed to a friend. Her love of Urban Fiction and a deep desire to write led her to author Acid Connections.

Deanne is the proud mother of two sons – Dylan and Ej.  She basks in the joy of motherhood and takes great pride in being a parent attuned to the needs of her children. Deanne’s personal and professional successes include earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Savannah State University in Savannah, GA, being born again and developing future legacies through her sons Dylan and Ej. Her proud determination is a testament to Deanne’s inner strength and power.

Deanne currently resides in her birth city of Boston, Massachusetts, where she keeps busy raising her children, working, and writing. Acid Connections is the first book in a planned trilogy.

The Book:  Acid Connections

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