IUrban.Org and You
04 May

IUrban.Org and You .

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Rollin’ with the Urb will take you Higher than ever Before!

Iurban.orgIF you clicked onto this post I know the first thing you are wondering is WTF! is an  iUrban.org? Many have inboxed me or emailed me concerning this question. What I can tell you is this; it’s the place where you will want to be if you are a writer, reader of urban fiction, and a lover of a panoply of info, blog talk radio, music, movies, health, new shows,  poetry, short stories, an amatuer writer with something to share, or just like hanging out in one of our upcoming fun communities such as Drunk At The Bar, Babylon City, and much more. Join us.

In much simpler terms iUrban.org is a hybrid Magazine/Social Site created primarily for Urban Fiction readers, and writers; but highly expansive because we know that just as Urban Fiction covers a myriad of topics so we offer a major platform for all to participate. Don’t let the music in our homepage video fool you. We are warriors in the field just as that particular theme music is from the iconic movie The Warriors by Joe Walsh. iUrban.org was created with an urban lifestyle in mind. For those of us who like to venture outside of the box and aren’t afraid to have fun while sharing our thoughts and ideas. The real site is coming soon.

Now, the reason I chose to write this article is because as I surf the web on a daily basis. I see people who thirst for the knowledge and are trying to succeed and grow. Yet, I found that most sites make it difficult for those who access it to share their thoughts completely. It shouldn’t cost you a penny to do so and you should be able to say what the hell you want to say without being curtailed. Meaning sometimes, excuse my French, but sometimes I like to say, “Damnit!” when expressing my opinions. Why, you may ask?

It’s because I’m a grown ass man! That’s why. There’s no need for excuses for me.

Aside from the above, I can easily see where most writers are confused thinking that simply by writing the greatest story ever told will instantaneously make them millionaires! Neither selling your book at 99 cents will get you more sales either, nor free giveaways if your book is not on the right platform. Knowing the consensus of the readers from research statistics, observation, and my own personal experience when it comes to choosing a book. The number 3 reason readers choose to read a particular book is due to reviews. The number 2 reason is because the author is a favorite of the reader per say, and the number 1 reason is due to belonging to a book club.

If one were to look at the three above reasons not one has to do with the price of the book. Yet, the common thread relies on knowledge of the author’s existence, and an underlying familiarity which can only happen through advertising, and word of mouth in tandem with a solid marketing strategy which will in turn give the readers access to an author’s particular work. iUrban.org was built to give authors and readers cross access to one another without the hindrance of having to surf the web for any particular book club, blog host, advertising, interviews, purchasing, etcetera of a particular product or author services while having a bit of fun along the way. On the Urb you will be able to upload your ebooks on your own, and set your own price. Why should we or any other set the price on a book you wrote? We weren’t there when you sat down at the typewriter to do so, or when you had pen and paper in hand.  So why should we dictate what you can and can’t do when promoting your book?

I say the above for a reason. The reason being while surfing Facebook I saw a discussion where someone proposed the question of how much would an author pay (They too were African-American such as I am) to have their book reviewed on a particular site?Many balked at the 100 dollar suggestion stating why should they pay for a professional review?  Many of the answers amazed me due to the stupidity and ignorance at hand I hate to say.

To address the issue at hand in a fair unobjective sense, I must say that the question was rather broad. Since there are several factors to consider before answering, such as is the site you are considering is the right platform for your specific genre? How does the site rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etcetera (SEO). How many unique daily visits does a particular site have? And for those who doubt that reviews don’t matter, below is proof that they do. Also, take note that professional reviews are very time consuming. They are far more entailing than “It was a great book! Adventurous!”

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Sad to say, I also noticed which was laughable at best. I took note that these self-same authors were willing to pay Kirkus their standard 425 dollar standard fee, and yet balked at paying 100 dollars for a site which had well over 10, oo0 members. He never considered that Kirkus is not a great platform for Urban Fiction for it is as foreign to them as aliens from Mars are to every hood and ghetto in the US.

One author even stated that he would only pay a hundred dollars if his book were featured on Oprah’s book club. My mind instantly shouted, Get Real! For it costs a minimum of 50,000 dollars to be featured on Oprah as a basic ad. It is also even harder to get an interview with Oprah than meeting President Obama. So good luck with that one.

However if you are looking for a place to call home, that has an advertising budget for everyone from free to premium, or just a fun place to hangout with us and others,  then iUrban.org is for you.  Don’t let ignorance keep you from being the successful writer that you were meant to be. Join Us by clicking the footer icon at the bottom of the homepage or like us by clicking the FB icon below:

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