A New Urban Queen Has Arrived
13 Apr

A New Urban Queen Has Arrived .

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Having written one of the hottest books to date. KC Blaze remains as one of the humblest authors i know...

Having written one of the hottest books to date KC Blaze remains as one of the humblest authors i know…


Yes, the new Queen of urban fiction has arrive! Coming all the way from the streets to becoming an avid writer for her own online magazine (Urban Fiction News Magazine) dedicated to promoting Urban Fiction. KC Blaze aka Kessa Baylor is dedicated to improving the industry from the ground up by providing a platform for authors to share their stories, while learning about the publishing industry at the same time. Having won the Blogger of the Year Award in 2013. KC decided to leave the  blogging  business and take her following of 5,000 dedicated fans and build an even better  online platform in which to work her magic. Within the digital pages of Urban Fiction News Magazine both readers and authors will find a wealth of useful tips about urban fiction and get real reviews from both a reader’s and author’s point of view all rolled up into one. KC Blaze has been on both sides of the fence so she does understand real talk about the business giving you much more than no-frills information that would otherwise leave your brain begging for  2 Tylenol tabletsbecause of the bullsh*t.

Having done countless reviews, sharing tips, and promoting other urban fiction writers. KC Blaze has gained a wealth of knowledge which not only help her recieve internet acclaim which continues to grow exponentially. She has made friends such as Jerome Dickey, and Ben Burgess the author of the heralded novel Monster. Having known her for quite some time myself, I was indeed honored to interview her myself, and have a chance to review her novel before it’s actual release on JustWright Publications in March of 2014. I would bid authors to support her endeavors by contacting her  and visiting her beautiful site. Without breaking the bank UFN offers ads for as little as 15 dollars; which is pretty cheap when considering having your book exposed to 5,000 dedicated readers and lovers of urban fiction. With no further adieu I introduce to you The new Queen of Urban Fiction KC Blaze.

DionCheese.Com: Who are you and where are you from?

KC Blaze: I am a writer with a passion to share information. In so many cases I have noticed individuals gaining success, but never sharing what they’ve learned. I hope to build a literary empire done solely off of sharing what I’ve picked up in the game so far. I come from a semi-urban background. Most of my childhood was spent in West Philly surrounded by the ‘ghetto’ but far enough removed that I didn’t notice I was in it.

DC: Did your growing up in Philly influence your current book?

KB: Platinum Dust was influenced by the Philly lifestyle. Philadelphia has a tendency to be mildly flashy. You know when someone has money, but it’s not as over the top as some other cities. My story is set in the city of Philadelphia so I hope to speak true to the city’s heart.

DC: When did you first realize that you had a talent for writing?

KB: I was eight years old when I realized I wanted to be a writer. I had a passion for reading which was developed from watching my parents read a ton of books. When I read my first story that took my mind to a faraway place I was determined to possess that type of literary magic.

DC: Are you a full time author, and if not, when do you find the time to write?

KB: Every author’s dream is to get paid solely for what they love to do. I at this time am not a “full-time” author, but I do write and work full time. Most of my writing time is done when my characters have something to say.

DC: Is Platinum Dust your first novella? If not, what else have you written beforehand? When will it hit the shelves?

KB: Platinum Dust is my first published novella. I have written many fiction stories, but  none as diverse and 3 dimensional as this one. Platinum Dust is now available on Amazon and elsewhere.

DC: What is it about your story that makes it different from traditional urban fiction books?

KB: Platinum Dust is not a typical urban tale primarily because it doesn’t focus on the glitz and glam of the traditional told urban lifestyle. My main character is battling with a real inner struggle that is easily relatable to the reading audience.

DC: Here’s a fun question for you. Let’s just say hypothetically that you happen to make it on Oprah Winfrey are you going to Disneyland or do you have other plans (lol)?

KB: Just being on Oprah is like going to Disneyland. I think the first place I would want to travel to after getting that big check is the Caribbean. I love solitude and nature, clear skies, blue water and white sand with a large Mai Tai is my type of party.

DC: Where do you see yourself in the next five years as far as your authorship is concerned?

KB: In the next five years I see myself as a best- selling author of urban fiction. I also see myself as the go to person for all things Urban Fiction from publishing, marketing and promoting.

DC: I read that you have a Blog, and an upcoming online magazine in the works could you elaborate on that?

KB: That is correct!! Urban Fiction News online magazine was born from my blog with the same name. Both provide real information for authors at every stage of the writing game. It’s not like other sites because it doesn’t give you watered down information. UFN is determined to provide its followers with vital information that is real, tangible and easy to follow.

DC: How will your magazine site be different from all the others? I’ve heard it through the grapevine that you will have a reoccurring theme called ‘Scuse me your Crazy is Showing.’

KB: Urban Fiction News magazine is like an Author’s news site. It has some of everything from how-to, step-by-step to promotional opportunities. Eventually UFN will have a theme that allows anyone to share real life relationship experience ranging from crazy to bizarre.

DC: How do you feel about the current state of urban fiction, its current direction, and do you feel it needs to make any changes? Since I constantly hear people complaining. They state, “If you have read one story you have read them all.” How do you feel about that?

KB: Urban Fiction as it stands has room for improvement. There are many up and coming authors reading urban fiction tales and trying to reinvent the same plot. I think what needs to change is the imagination of the author. Be true to your own voice and write your story, your way. No one can tell a story like you so give me something new.

DC: Now, I am about to ask you one last very serious question, and please don’t be angry but it’s kind of personal. Is it okay that I ask?

KB: Sure.

DC: Can I please borrow a dollar because I’m getting thirsty, and this interview is done thank you. LOL!

KB: LOL!!!

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