Crazy Ass Video of The Week: Going Ape Sh*T!
30 Mar

Crazy Ass Video of The Week: Going Ape Sh*T! .

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Warning! This video contains Gorilla Taktics probably taught by my main man Mustajab the best man in the security business. You will witness one of the most severe beat downs of all time. Mostly you will learn not to F**k with the Gorillas, as they are kind and courteous but are still beasts at heart. LOL!

Anyway, I picked up this video from a very good friend of mine named Fyre Mouth which had me LMAO. Watching it I have learned that there are moments in life when we all go ape sh*t whether it is called for or not but it’s up to you to be the judge of that moment. Maybe some will learn to control the switch and others will not.
Even though this moment has happened to everyone in our lives it’s how we handle it which determines our futures. Although it is funny, some of you my find it has a racist undertone to it because of the characters involved, but I don’t believe that was the pres ┬áintent of the presenter. However the point of the video is watch how you step to people because it could cause you to get your a** beat by the non-aggressor. With that said enjoy.