Digital Artist from Across the Pond
16 Mar

Digital Artist from Across the Pond .

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Meet Renowned Digital Artist: Virajitha Leelananda

LIQUID PIXEL 2014 LOGO wallpaper 1080p


Vira hard at work bringing other people's visions to life.

Vira hard at work bringing other people’s visions to life.

Thanks to the digital age I had the opportunity of meeting one of the world’s most fantastic digital artist’s to date; Virajitha (Vira) Leelander, a prominent figure from across the pond. Seemingly with today’s technology we are no longer limited to working within confinement spaces. With just a simple click of the keyboard the world is at your fingertips along with a host of talented individuals who are able to make one’s digital dreams come to life as did Vira for among other greats like Intech Creative who are making head-waves overseas and elsewhere upon the globe.

Many people including myself had once thought that a digital artist and a graphics designer are one in the same. However, through various in depth conversations with Vira I have found that there is a vast difference between the two. Vira has taught me that being a digital artist is the much more complex of the two being that a digital artist involves encoding from scratch at times, more complex animations, and the much more than making simple logos.

One thing that I have learned from Vira is, if you have a vision that involves a computer, and even some handcrafted original drawings he is definitely among the Ones to bring your envisionment to life, and much more. With that being said, his prices will not cause you to have a heart attack, or need resuscitation when you receive your bill. Doing everything from banners to book covers, and from short film work to cool animations, Vira is one person whom I would greatly recommend to anyone in need of quality digital work, and in need of fast delivery. Trust me, this man will work relentlessly until the job is done. Don’t let the visual differences fool you this man can create the best of Urban images you need. With no further adieu, I introduce to you Virajitha Leelander.

Q& A With Digital Genius Virajitha Leelander Tell us, where exactly are you from?

Virajitha Leelananda: I’m From Sri Lanka, the Black Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

DC: Can you please explain to my audience what it is that you do as a digital artist?

Vira: Well, there are many paths for a Digital artist. I have chosen to be a 3D Generalist and VFX(Visual Effects) artist. I design all kinds of computer based graphics, animations, illustrations and videos from Concept to production.

DC: What inspired you to become a digital artist?

Vira: My father is a renowned Film Script and Lyrics Writer and an Director. Therefore, I just happened to inherit his technical side and share my creative talents with of his movie based friends. My mom also wanted me to tread into Arts and Creative thinking. I guess that path led me here and beyond because my journey has just begun. My dream is to become one of the best the world has ever seen while remaining humble at heart.

DC: Do you work alone or with a team?

You don't have to be uptight to be a boss!

You don’t have to be uptight to be a boss!


Vira: Mostly I am an one man team a sort of one man army so to speak. But when it comes to Huge VFX work (for movies) that takes a lot of time and resources. That’s when I call up a team of 3 more people because every army needs it’s team soldiers which is the key to success.


DC: How long have you been in the digital arts industry, and where do you see yourself in the next few years?

 Vira: Hmm..I’m 27 years old now, and out of those 27 I have been in this industry for 14 years. Believe it or not my childhood days of video games, along with the screening of Jurrasic Park made me try harder, and that somehow got me involved into using different basic 3D softwares.

So, in about 5 years or so, I believe I will have a studio that can deliver amazing Digital content for the needs of VFX, Animation, Graphics and Illustrations for most of South Asian countries and other Clients like you in Major Countries who are across the pond so to speak.


DC: How can your services help those in the Urban Fiction industry?

Vira: Urban Fiction is a very deep method of expressing real life experiences in urban environments believe it or not, not very different from our own. It’s just that we are on different sides of the globe. As for me, I also study Philosophy and Science so as I see it, I can help Urban Fiction based clients by designing their demands via Digital Graphics. For example, I can easily create the most startling, attention grabbing, Book Covers, Video trailers, Ad Banners, Artworks, Logos, and all. Just about anything one can envision within his or her mind.

DC: When I first met via the web looking for services I was surprised that you read Urban Fiction being that you were from India. I know as Americans we tend to stereotype because of the different culturalisms but most people don’t realize that we have many things in common. Is the American culture widely accepted where you are from?

On set for film VFX (2)

Seems like Vira has soldiers wherever he goes…

Vira: It depends. Cultures evolve, people change and adjust to their extents and societies. So yeah, sometimes the American culture is accepted in some situations. The whole world is changing all the time, and thanks to the creation of the web biased walls are being broken down everyday along with stereotypical thinking.


DC: I read somewhere that your studio did work on an MTV project. How did that come about, and what capacity did you play in the completion of that particular project?

Vira: The MTV as you referred is not the international “MTV” brand. Its a local Television brand that I work at a on daily basis. I design TV program themes and special designs there. Nevertheless, it is still quite popular on our side of the pond. The station is multifaceted, and features sport events, entertainment, news , lifestyles and more. Some of our popular shows are; Driving Force, Chill Factor, Cheeky Chef and Planet Pulse. 

DC: What future projects are you currently working on?

Vira: Currently, I’m working on a Upcoming Feature film for the Local CinemaIndustry. There are estimated 350 VFX shots in the film. The Sri Lankan Film Industry is at hope of generating VFX effects that will wow audiences everywhere, and I plan to do whatever I can to get it to an international standard that will be accepted throught the globe and beyond if the Martians are watching. LOL! That’s one of my main goals.

DC: How does one go about learning how to do the kind of work that you do? Were you self- taught, or did you go to a digital arts university or like manner?

Vira: Yes, I was self taught around 80% of the knowledge I have now. This industry never gets outdated and every second it gets updated. Living with nature, studying about physical forces of nature, colors, and actually having an idea about how the universe works will take your creative edge to the limit. After I had gotten hold of the basic principles of 3D graphics and Animation I managed to get 2 local diplomas in Advanced 3D animation and Compositing. Then after another 2 yearsof schooling, in 2008 I finished my education and obtained a higher diploma in VFX and 3D graphics at Frameboxx Acadamy – a substitution of Angliur Ruskin University.

DC: I am a huge fan of yours ever since you created my DIONCHEESE.COM logo made of swiss cheese with holes in it, and the mouse reading by the lamp touch up was awesome. How did you come up with the concept for the Swiss Cheese logo? I was very impressed with the results.


Vira: Yeah! It was really fun to design that awesome idea we had.When you gave me the brief description, that exact image had already been formed in my head at that moment. In my work of creative art, I always want to achieve that realistic+fantastical balance which people like to look at.

DC: How long did it take you to create the wineglass effect in your video, and are your services affordable?

Vira: Simple as it may seem the animation of liquids is very difficult at times but it took quite a bit of time to render the effects being that I am constantly working on other projects.

DC: I know that some people who may be reading this article may think that since there are cultural differences that you may not be able to capture the images they may be looking for. What would you say to such a Person.

Vira: I would say exactly what an Urban fiction writer would say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

DC: How fast is your turn around rate for the creation for let’s say a logo design or an ad banners:

Vira: Its really not a huge price for anything I do. I do value my work but this is not actually my job its my hobby so I live with it. But heres an example, let’s just say for a simple banner design. It’ll go only for $10, and for Designing logos its only $5 for the design. If it involves animating them which takes more time, I will go up as high as $50 or more depending on the complexity of the project. However, I do often give new clients a break if the need arises, but one should always keep in mind that quality work is worth every penny.

DC: How can people contact you if they need your services?

Vira: Anyone can contact me through “,” Facebook – “ Virajitha Lanka Leelananda,” and my website – “viralankapixels.webs.home

DC: We would like to share your services with others on our new site would you be interested in helping out the urban fiction community with your talents?

Vira: Of Course!I am a book worm too. I have my own mini library at home and its expanding exponentially. I’m willing to design digital content for anyone interested. For some scrilla of course. LOL!

DC: Hold up! How did you hear about the word scrilla?

Vira: From reading Urban Fiction of course! LOL! It means money.

DC: This is my last question of the day and then I will go away because I know that you are extremely busy. But I always wanted to be digitized as a character. Would you be willing to make me into a Hulk like figure when you get the spare time? I would love to see it…LOL.

Vira: Hahaha! Hmm…thats actually a great idea Dion. Let’s come up with sketches for that soon shall we?Always a pleasure to work with you.

DC: Any last words for my audience that you would like to share?

Vira: Study ,study ,study and Live. That’s the perfect method. Everything in between will happen automatically. Also, if you are interested in learning Digital Content creation, feel free to email me I am always glad to help anyone who is willing to learn.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity Dion. Wishing you and all your peepz all the best in everything!


CEO, LiquidPixel Studios.

Virajitha Lanka Leelananda