Crazy Ass Video of The Week: The Beer Gut
07 Mar

Crazy Ass Video of The Week: The Beer Gut .

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 Who Thought She’d Be Rockin It?

I chose this Crazy Ass Video of the Week because  it represents part of my life experience. Being a federal convict kidnapped in the good ole Bluegrass state of Kentucky. While serving my time in Lexington (6yrs. plus at this facility) I would go to work everyday in the Mid-Atlantic Dental Lab. I worked  as a dental technician along with 8 other of my fellow prisoners. While I worked I was subjected to the tortuous sounds of country music radio which didn’t blend well with my ears  being that I was a Jerzy Boy.

To make a long story short if you ever lived in Kentucky you know that there is no way avoiding country music. Everyday a talented friend of mine named steve Rapier would play his guitar or write his own lyrics during our down time. However on one particular day he was singing a song called She’s Rockin the Beer Gut sung by a country group called Trailer Choir, and at the time I thought WTF! Who in the hell would write such a crazy ass song. It was silly, I would have to later admit. But it wasn’t relevant until after I started helping a friend of mine  do some private security gigs at a few local clubs in Easton, PA. And now I must concede that there are plenty of women here who are rockin the beer gut. So, in order to understand why I now appreciate this song to the fullest watch below.

Enjoy! Ciao Bitches!