Street Certified Review: Zombies Vs Bikers
03 Mar

Street Certified Review: Zombies Vs Bikers .

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While viewing Twitter I ran across this horror-filled epic novel entitled Zombies vs Bikers written by a  relatively little known author named Bart Gnarly. Being an avid fan of horror, and AMC’s The Walking Dead among many other zombie greats. I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to open and read this new tale of cannibalistic, flesh eating terror for all humankind.

Although very little is known, or can be found about Bart Gnarly. I cannot say the same for this Zombie Thriller which is based on a  bad a** group consisting  of ten bikers who are all that remains of a Motorcycle Club called the Dead Jesters led by a man named Bard who after witnessing the zombie apocalyptic birth of the zombie age after a strange green light that covers the earth changing the majority of the people into flesh eating monsters. The group is on a journey to get to a coastal town in Florida which provides salvation to all survivors supplying them with much needed food, shelter, medical care, and a way of escape.

Although the book is filled with marauders, good and bad people along with much of the basic happenings encompassed in most zombie tales. What makes Zombie vs Bikers a tale to remember is what it doesn’t have. There are no strange viruses that change people when they are bitten, no super heroes reminiscent to that of the Resident Evil series, no rules to having two or three women willing to share their protector; meaning no love quarrels among the needy or the greedy. On the contrary you will witness some of the vilest of human nature coming to the forefront such as a child molesting pedophile who swindles his way to becoming group leader of a caravan, and much worse.

The true twist however comes with the animated walking corpses who are  greatly different from one another. As this tale unfolds you will ask yourself WTF? As you witness the new generation of zombies led by a highly intelligent corpse. He hunts down another group of Philadelphia bikers who have named him. Dr. Z. His horde, a group of highly intelligent creatures will leave you in awe. The group of survivors find themselves in a highly abnormal fight for their very existence as they are hunted down by these intelligent zombies who do a whole lot more than walk slowly.

The book had me wanting to find out a lot more about this horrid horde of rigormortic rotting  group of new-age whoremongers who would not quit down to nothing short of losing their last limbs.Throughout the story I found myself asking, What would I do? Aside from the occasional riddled errors which fill the pages of most self-published, or small publishing houses, and an ending which left me without closure to what happened to many other survivors. I can easily give this story a 5 out of five stars for originality, and fun filled reading, along with many woe moments throughout. My recommendation is if you are a fan of The Walking Dead series you should definitely give Bart Gnarly’s Bikers vs Zombies a try. I’m sure that you will enjoy his work…

If you would like to know more or purchase this new-age zombie thriller simply click the icon below. I am sure that you wont regret it.


Bikers vs Zombies

This is a new age zombie thriller with one helluva twist.