The Watch List: Up-n-Coming Authors: Kennedee Devoe
02 Mar

The Watch List: Up-n-Coming Authors: Kennedee Devoe .

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In life there are authors and then there’s Kennedee Devoe AKA KD who tells it like it is in her new novel With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies available here on this site and elsewhere. Her book is a based on a story inspired by actual events that take place in  the author’s own life entailing  a group of women(Chloe, Sage, Emil, Talia, and Kennedee ) who form a friendship in junior high school, and continues to follow them into adulthood. Life  heats up for Chloe, Sage, Emil, Talia, and Kennedee herself. Loyalty, character, and integrity will are  tested as they deal with men issues, betrayal, and jealousy. But throughout it all the questions remain; Will the sisterhood be enough to maintain their friendship? Or will their wounds created through their troublesome times be too deep to mend? You can hear for yourself what people are saying about this remarkable story by clicking onto the video below.

I had the privilege of speaking with this  Amazon bestselling authoress Kennedee Devoe from LA firsthand over the telephone a few days ago. Surprisingly, she was very pleasant; a little too pleasant if you catch my drift. Being from NJ and having lived through the Biggie Smalls and Tupac beef, I had my gunz out and my cap turned backwards. I was going all the way in for the kill on this one.
During our little pow-wow what made me suspicious of her behavior aside from having a book entitled With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies. I thought to myself, Who would not like her, or have an issue with such a lovely person? But then came the big Bonus question which I asked and she said, “No!” She claimed otherwise! See the bonus question down below in the Up-N-Coming Interview. I asked her about gang affiliations and a whole heap of other stuff but she remained adamant about not having anything to do with the notorious LA lifestyle. But then she mentioned the name CJ Mac who is a famous relative of hers. If you don’t know who that is I will explain. CJ Mac according to Wikipedia, is an early 90’s rapper who “…directed a documentary called On the C-Walk. He is also known for working with Death Row Records in late 2000 with his song “I Ain’t Fuccin Wit’ Cha” (from Too Gangsta for Radio), in which he insulted Dr. Dre for leaving the label and declaring gangsta rap dead, as well as artists Hittman, EminemSnoop Dogg and Aftermath Records. CJ Mac is also known for collaborating with artists C-BoDrestaPoppa LQMack 10,TechniecScarface and WC.[3]
Being armed with this pertinent information after drilling her harder than a diamond tip bit boring through a 5 inch beam of steel. I managed to get the juice out of her faster than Speedy Gonzales on a midnight drug run from Veracruz, Mexico to downtown LA. She named dropped CJ and I knew I had her. “Guilty!” I yelled.
However, she remained as pleasant as can be. But, I know if I ever step foot in LA I’m a dead man even though she promised to entertain me with the best hospitality that LA has to Offer. I may be wrong but I will let you decide. Reader’s without further adieu I introduce you to authoress Kennedee Devoe. You have been warned!

UP-N-Coming Interview: Authoress Kennedee Devoe

Meet the most adorable  face in urban lit. Yes, she has a smile like Kool- Aid but is a beast with the pen! So don't let the beautiful smile fool you.

Meet the most adorable face in urban lit. Yes, she has a smile like Kool- Aid but is a beast with the pen! So don’t let the beautiful smile fool you.

Q: How many books have you written? 

A: Working on book 3, which will be out Summer 2015.

Q: What inspired you to write your latest book? 

A: My real life experiences with friendships over the last 15-20 years. I knew that a lot of people could relate to one or more of my friendships in the book of having friends like these.

Q: How has being an author changed your life? 

A: Wow! Yes, my life has definitely changed over the last year and a half. I travel more because I like to get out to meet my supporters. I’m more popular than when I was in high school lol All in all its been a pretty awesome experience.

Q: How often do you write?

A: I write when it hits me. Sometimes I will write for 3 days straight, and then not write for 3 weeks. So whenever the mood hits me.

Q: Have you ever encountered someone rude at a book signing, and if so, how did you handle the situation?

A: I have. Some readers don’t necessarily agree with my first book I often get backlash for that. I usually tell me people you don’t have  to agree or disagree it’s already written. I moved on from that place in my life, and I am definitely not the same person I used to be.


Bonus question: Since you are from LA is it fair to say you can crip dance? LOL

A: You would think because my cousin is CJ Mac (Google of you don’t know the name) that I could do the C-Walk. Unfortunately, I don’t know, but I can do the hell out my famous two- step.

If you want to know more about Kennedee Devoe or purchase her book just continue down below.

With Friends Like These


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Bio: Kennedee Devoe is the Author of Amazons Bestseller, Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right…It Makes Us Even, and With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies. Kennedee is the Publisher of Devoe Publications. She holds an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Studies, a Bachelors Degree in Business Management, and a Masters Degree in Human Services. She has worked for a variety of Parks and Recreations Departments, for-profits, and non-profits agencies. She currently works in the nonprofit sector as a Program Director. Kennedee hails from Carson, CA, and currently resides in Los Angeles.