Shaving: When Fighting for Kisses Goes Wrong
13 Feb

Shaving: When Fighting for Kisses Goes Wrong .

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In this Crazy Ass Video of the Week we learn why shaving was invented.The first use of a razor like tool came about sometime around 3000 B.C.E. during the copper era when Egyptian priests bought it into practice according to Wikipedia. Anywho, (no that is not a mistake, I meant anywho) I believe those ancient priests may have done so for religious purposes. However, I mean it in a different sense for the etymology of the word Re-means to go back, and ligion- means bound to. Such as in this case presented herein this video. The Egyptian priests weren’t getting any bootay (sex) because the kids were cock-blocking like they always do. Dads, even in ancient times  were being denied the good lovin’ they so rightfully deserved after working all day in the hot sun, whether they were sweaty, funky, hairy, or whatever. But with Jr. around ancient momz were’t having it.

So one day a priest by the name of Copperhead Jankins invented the razor and said, “Look here fellas I have an idea that might get us back in the sack. It’s called the razor!” As you all know, Copperhead Jankins was ridiculed to the point where he got angry and shouted, “Okay, y’all see. Just you wait!”

Well, after about nine months or so, but prior to. Several accidents were taking place around the rock quarry. Many of Copperheads pals were missing work because they were slipping on a  sticky, white, milky substance being left on the rocks by their fellow workers. Soon thereafter, an investigation was conducted. Everyone within the quarry had the substance somewhere within their workplace, except for, (you guessed it) Copperhead’s space. The men noticed that their wives were visiting Copperhead a lot as he worked deep into the night. The women claimed that, “They were only looking out for Copperhead’s well-being.”

Anyway, after nine months passed many of the men realized that their newborns looked an awful lot like Copperhead who had become the Chief of the Egyptian Priesthood. Many of his former friends had become enraged, and smart ones soon figured that since they couldn’t beat him they joined him, and thus shaving became a world wide practice.

Enjoy! Ciao Bitches!