Street Certified Review: Julia Press Simmons
12 Feb

Street Certified Review: Julia Press Simmons .

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Review by Shawnda

Review by Shawnda

If you are one searching for a bit of curtailing action, then Dawn of Destruction by Julia Press Simmons may be the novella for you. The main basis story is built around a heart-breaking relationship, entailing sex, murder, lies, and of course some major mayhem!!!

I read as many urban author books as possible, and review them here on Dion But there is a limit to my time, so I also welcome featured reviewers to contribute as well.  And for Street Certified Review: Julia Press Simmons, this review was written by Shawnda.

Basically, the story line centers around a Nigerian native named Dawn Adeyemo, who is sent to America by her father after experiencing a severe tragic event that would forever change her; she became  a disgrace to her family, and an outcast by her community. After arriving to the US she meets the man of her dreams named Chase who happens to be a white limo driver which is considered taboo by her native land and indeed multiplies her endless troubles even more so.

The crux of the mayhem surrounding Dawn begins shortly after her love affair with Chase who becomes deeply entrenched in a murder which he is innocent of.  Dawn on the other hand  during her time in America has been tortured, disrespected, and misused by several men including one who was very familiar to her while trying to get her American citizenship.

Being a victim of abuse, Dawn retaliates by becoming a vengeful predator seeking to destroy those who have done her wrong, and any innocents who have stepped within her path of rage.

However, Dawn life seems to become brighter once Chase the Limo driver saves her from an abusive Fiancé (Or is he truly her Fiancé time will tell)? Chase upon first sight finds himself loving Dawn. He vows within his heart to protect her from beginning; wanting their relationship to blossom from day one contrary to Dawn’s feelings for him. As the relationship develops Chase’s love for Dawn grows beyond mere affection and causes him to do the unthinkable which costs him everything.

My Critique of this novella:

Dawn of Destruction: Subtitled, Everyone Has to Die would have been a much better novel if it was longer and had better plot development. But, do not let this discourage you from reading this novel because it will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride Heaven to Hell. The character voices within the pages of this novella are so strong that you would swear the characters of this disturbing romance are sitting in the room with you….

In Conclusion, what I get from this story is one should never trust a woman that has been scorned!!! Beware you’ve been warned… I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars…

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