Street Certified Review: Candy Lady
11 Feb

Street Certified Review: Candy Lady .

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Shan Marie

Shan Marie

Shan smiles at the thought of success, and from the looks of it she may have smash novel…

Shawnda H.

This is my Street Certified review..Shawnda H.

Candy Lady is a story written by Authoress Shan Marie of the glorious and fun-time state of Georgia. The story itself is based around the main character Kamille ‘Kami’ Lathan and the troublesome times that she endures during and after her lover Carlos returns home from a long stint in prison. Although loyal, Kami has had an adulterous affair with someone who is indeed close to her heart and her man as well.

Later, she finds herself in another conundrum after her long-time lover Carlos disappears from within the pages of her life a second time. However Carlos’s best friend Joe steps to the plate with what seems to be well intentioned. He finds himself wanting more than just a handshake but Kami is reluctant to move in that direction with him although she does have strong feelings for him.

Not being one to take rejection lightly Joe becomes envious of Kami; albeit for different reasons (He wants the head position of the organization that she now heads but he and Carlos built).

As I turned the pages within this story I found myself despising Joe more than a church full of reverends having to share a dinner plate with Satan himself. Personally, Joe is as low as you can get. He is someone I would describe as the epitome of being a scumbag. One would be better off having Joe as an enemy than being a friend. I would have to say, Hanging with a poisonous viper on your forearm would suit you better.


Nevertheless, as you continue reading this story one will easily see that Kamille is the ride or chick who faithful to the end who goes through a period of severe emotional devastation and otherwise; but springs like kangaroo and pushes to become far more than just a faithful companion but the leader we know that she was meant to be. I rate this story a 4 out of 5 stars, my only detraction with this story is the odd ball grammatical errors which plague most new urban authors.

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