Who’s the Most Racist Black Man in America?
05 Feb

Who’s the Most Racist Black Man in America? .

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We’ll let you decide!

Well, don't we have black power as well?

Well, don’t we have black power as well?

Seeing that Black History Month is among us once again, as usual, it is seemingly being used as reverse-racist propaganda by some of our African American leaders who love to promote separation (segregation) instead of unification.

I can hear them now standing at the pews dressed in their dazzling suits yelling, “We was slaves yall! The white man took everything including the damn kitchen sink!” Wiping their brows they add, “And not only did the white devils take the kitchen sink, they took the chitlins too!”

Now, I don’t know how you feel about this but as for me, all I have to say to anyone is, When’s the last time you’ve seen a black man or woman picking cotton in da fields? Now don’t get me wrong on this for I’d be the first one to say that enslavement comes in many forms.

Therefore, at this time, I have decided to leave out the well-known names of these low-down varmints who will not be feasting off of this piece of Cheese. However, let’s put aside the ignorance and stop pointing at the Great White Man for once, and look at where the other three fingers are pointing back. My question is, Who started all this s@$t? And, who’s really responsible for the initial enslavement of the black population here in America? We know that the white man did not certainly spring out of the black mud of Egypt…, and start kidnapping black men and women on the coasts of America just as no Blood within his right mind would go off and sell crack cocaine within Crip territory. 

Bottom line is this, here’s where the other three fingers are pointing. One, prior to 1655 there were no slaves in the European-American colonies. 2. During that period there was only indentured servitude of both blacks and whites who often ate, drank, and danced at the same establishments (bars, restaurants, and pubs). 3. A no good negro by the name of Anthony Johnson from Angola came to the states in 1619 to work on a tobacco plantation along the eastern shore (more likely around Virginia). he was later freed after 4 years of service, and was nearly killed by some Powhatan Indians. Shortly thereafter, he established his own farm; a 250 acre plot of land along with his very own indentured servants who among them was a black man by the name of John Casor who obviously was a very good worker because Anthony decided to “extend his contract.” I’m pretty sure that you and I can almost hear the endearing words spoken between the two men.

This would have been one for the His-Story Books?

This would have been one for the His-Story Books?

“Hey John, how would you like to continue working for me in the field?”

“Hey, Anthony sir. How about you taking that hoe in your right hand and shove it up your ass. When I”m done he Mr. White man Robert Parker said that I can work at his place as a free man and gets paid well. I plan on getting my own nicca!”

Infuriated, and knowing the game inside out. Anthony changed the game by appealing to the European court system who afterwards had a brief laugh and hiatus spoke to their fellow constables saying, “Hey Charlie, can you believe this. We have two negroides feuding about working the fields. The one guy Anthony says John owes him money but skipped out during the agreement.”

“Is that so Chuck, I have been having problems with some of my servants as well, but I notice the negroide men work better in the sun. I don’t have to spend any money buying coppertone lotion for their skin and it would save us a lot of money if we let Anthony have his way and we can then follow suit.”

KKK Clayton

What’s really under the hood of darkness?

“Sounds like a plan to me.” stated Jim, the third constable who sat silently through the discussion.

And there you have it; his-story with a slight twist. The constables ruled that Slick back Anthony could have his way and keep ole Johnny (John) boy for as long as air entered his lungs entered into his lungs and thus slavery was born in 1655.

The funny part is, that whites came along late in the game just as white rappers had done so in the eighties. It wasn’t until 1670 when they were allowed to own slaves. The colonies passed legislation allowing free men, white, black or brown (Engines:Indians as I like to call ’em) were allowed to own slaves.

See The free Negro In Virginia by John Henderson Russell…on Google books.

However, at the time, the white man had a stronger mack game than the brothers and the browns, and took over the game completely just as the brothers took over basket ball (On the courts, only mind you; the white guys still own the teams). Jay-Z is on the ball though.

Now, let’s look at Obama’s message once again which encompasses the words “Moving Forward.” I believe it’s that time for us all. So stop hating on the white man’s game and shake his hand, put your petty grievances to the side, get some swag, and live your life for the future. Martin, and the rest helped us all gain our freedom back so let’s us not disappoint, use it wisely  and make something better of ourselves than becoming a pimp, playa, prostitute, or an out of pocket pharmacist.

And while you’re saying to yourself, “Oh no he didn’t…” look at these videos and let’s decide once and for all. Who’s the most racist man in America. Is it A: Uncle Ruckus, Or B: Clayton Bigsby. You decide. Please leave a comment and it will post within the following day. We will announce the outcome at the end of the month.

Ciao bitches…Enjoy!

The Showdown

Uncle Ruckus


Clayton Bigsby

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The truth is always a horrifying experience for some

The truth is always a horrifying experience for some

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