Grey Family Preys: Street Certified Urban Fiction
06 Jan

Grey Family Preys: Street Certified Urban Fiction .

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Georgia Peach Karen D. Neal is the author of the  street certified urban fiction novel Grey Family Preys. It is most certainly one book that will leave you chugging along to the last few pages of this book. With that said, and not wanting to jump the gun I will start from the beginning. Aside from any common literary errors — which exist in many urban fiction novels due to run-of-the-mill editing services of today — I will start off by saying this book left me with mixed emotions. On one hand I didn’t like it, and on the other I enjoyed it very much so. I will explain more later.

The Synopsis

Grey Family Preys novel

A drama filled epic by Karen D Neal

The basic premise of Grey Family Preys is as so, it is a generational story that however, primarily follows the life of Katrina Grey who is the new upcoming matriarch of the Grey family. She earns her position not due to her age but her protective but ruthless heart when it comes to herself or her family. Growing up within the countryside of a rural town just outside of the mainstream city Katrina and her siblings grow up nearby the southern fields of Georgia often visiting their grandmother ‘Big Momma’ who happens to own a 200 acre farm. Although their feisty grandmother can take the cake and hold her own during a time when most blacks underwent severe racism Katrina’s upbringing is no picnic. Having to face her boogey-man as a young child; an old white predator who is dead-set on ruining her innocence among other things Katrina also finds that her world is full of racist issues that not only threatens to get her a beat-down on a daily basis (carrying over to her future generation as well), and to top it off, she finds herself  witnessing and becoming a knowing-participant in a full-fledged murder at a very young age. The turmoil’s that turn her into the family protector, albeit, are the growing pains that continue to making her life a living hell.

Authoress Karen Neal

Georgia Peach Authoress Karen D Neal

Although she is the youngest of her siblings she grows from being a helpless cub to a predatory lioness; and all who have ill intentions towards her or her family should be wary of her path be it her sister’s two-timing, no good playboy boyfriend, or her brother’s hurtful wife who decides to douse him with hot baby oil mixed with water while taking a hot bath. Katrina eventually finds herself becoming friends with a mysterious, and wealthy stranger who can make anyone disappear at the blink of an eye  like Jimmy Hoffa. Having forged an inseparable friendship with a female sidekick, Katrina soon learns that her friend has more connections than AT&T has underground fiber optics. As complex situations unfold throughout the story Katrina not only has to fight her own battles, but she takes on the battles of her siblings along with the newer generations as well. In short, this story reminds me of a Who Shot JR Melodrama full of undercuttings, betrayals, struggles, greed, and heartaches that will surely keep you turning the pages.

My Conclusion…

Overall, I found the story to be decent at hand. However, the first part of the book was a bit of a struggle to read as is the case for most new urban authors who are trying to find a balance within the body of their stories. The reason being, is most have little to no professional guidance when it comes to framing a story. Although in this case, the writer seems to have emotional ties to the plot as can be seen through her descriptive narration which may indicate some personal experience may be involved. Also in tandem to the previous, the first half of the book lacks the subtle details which I felt took away from the story unlike the latter half which brings in the next generation of kin under Katrina’s watchful eyes. It is the latter half of this novel where Karen begins to let loose with the pen, and it’s why I will continue to support her efforts as an author and remain an endearing fan of her work. As it stands I give this book a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

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