Is Your Book Dead?
23 Dec

Is Your Book Dead? .

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Is Your Book Dead?


Is your book dead? It is a commonly known fact that most self-published authors sell well under a few hundred copies of their first novel. The reason being is that most readers do not want to risk their hard earned dollars on an unknown author. Nor is there an emotional attachment to do so. Yet on the flip side, your book can be saved from drowning sales that most suffer from.

How can I sell more books, you may ask? The answer is much simpler than you may think. It’s not easy, but it’s doable. The first things an author must take into consideration are the competing factors. In reality, there are well over a million books in print, and therefore space on bookshelves within actual book stores is very limited indeed. Furthermore, according to Forbes half of book sales are from pre-planned purchases. That means that most people make preconceived purchases based on what they have seen, and heard beforehand. See link…

Therefore, one’s resolution to cure the ailments for your dying book is to have a place available where there is a thriving audience looking to find and view your book’s genre. Second, you must realize that selling your book involves a lot of time and effort on your part. Making a connection with a potential buyer is critical. You must be willing to sacrifice in order to get ahead within the industry.

Rummaging online, I noticed that the majority of websites running ads for urban authors simply post your book cover on their web pages with a link to a purchasing site. Conversely, if you chose to feature a full blown ad the cost would sky rocket; ranging anywhere from at least two to approximately four-hundred per monthly. However, posting just your cover is perfectly fine and dandy if your name just happens to be John Grisham, Barak Obama, Terri Woods, K’wan, Al-Saadiq Banks, Seth Ferranti, Donald Goines, Wahidah Clark, Nikki Turner, Jerome Dickey, or some other well-known author and individual. People most assuredly know them, and the truth of the matter is they don’t know you. Therein lays the root of your problem, and your crux is the unknown itself. Without you having the I-am-known-factor attached to your name, leaves you SOL (S**T out of Luck).

Having a great book and no one to read it is a troubling dilemma that all new authors face at one point or another in their careers. Daunting as it may be many sites prey on the fact that a new author wants and needs to present their work to an audience, and for a small or usually hefty fee they offer their ad services which includes featuring your book cover on their site and possibly an interview as well. Many offer generic interviews for a small fee; run-of-the-mill types per say. Meaning; you and several other thousands of authors get the same exact questions. Again, there is nothing wrong with this strategy for it is better to be in the lime light than not at all. Advertising is the equivalent of playing the lottery; you have to be in it to win it. Generic advertising on the other hand mostly benefits the website and not the authors who shell out their hard earned dollars in hopes of getting noticed. Generic advertising is especially convenient for factory based operational sites which their main goal is to simply make a dollar or two efficiently and quickly.

However, if you truly want to make a connection to a specific audience one needs far more than a basic presentation. For example, if anyone of you were to plan on meeting someone for the first time when going out on a hot date wouldn’t you dress to impress, and be prepared to spend at least a reasonable amount of money in order to win that person over?  Of course you would! You would not want your hot date viewing you as some low-down cheap bastard. Personally, I had gotten tired of throwing my money into the wind. Therefore at the urging of others I along with Intech created both and as a platform to help urban authors who face a lack of online validity.

As an author myself, I know first-hand how troubling this situation can be. That’s why I took control over my future, stopped struggling

To get ahead you have to sometimes slaughter the competition...

To get ahead you have to sometimes slaughter the competition…

to find local book stores who simply would shove my book on the back shelf with hundreds of other books that would never see the light of day. I hope none of you reading this think that their book is going to inhabit the prime real-estate of Street Piranhas Terri Woods, and Kwame Teague first time around.  On the flipside, I discovered the internet to be a perfect place for growth. I found these electronic airwaves to be comparable to the Federal BOP system. When it came to being a prisoner we would always say, “Qui semper in unum locum.” That’s Latin meaning, “There’s always room for one more.”

Yes, the internet is infinite. People are hungry for new books. And no, it’s not cheap by a long shot to advertise. But it’s much more cost effective depending on the system you use. When choosing your avenue of exposure keep in mind that creating an ad is time consuming, and if you want someone else to do it, most of the time it will cost you a fair amount. Simply put, writing all those words such as in this article is time consuming. Think about it, while most people are sitting at home watching television, etcetera. Site programmers, editors, and other staff are busily working hours on end to produce quality arenas for one to advertise or showcase their work.

As an author not signed to a major publisher you should not set your goals on making extraordinary sales or ranking high on Amazon’s ranking system. Nor should you focus on cheap or shallow advertising. In retrospect, your goal would be better aimed on quality advertising that will be more effective in the long run. Focus on creating awareness about your book and getting people to know who you are as an author. Remember, you are a writer by nature and an author by trade. Make the connection with the readers and they will in tandem be more than likely to purchase your book. Make yourself memorable and people will eventually flock to your circle and eventually become fans of your work.

Please feel free to leave a comment. Don’t make an ass of yourself, go sell yourself first, and your books will sell along beside you. Best wishes everyone.