Internet Marketing Hustle 101
14 Dec

Internet Marketing Hustle 101 .

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Internet Marketing Book Hustle 101 is all about how to promote yourself online.  When it comes to book marketing 101 the first thing that comes to the minds of the average layman and laywomen is how much will this cost me? As obvious as it sounds, this question isn’t that far-fetched. While most authors have the passion and know how to write a book they haven’t a clue when it comes to promotion.


Most never give this part of the publishing industry much thought, and this is the very reason why Book Sharks like Terri Woods, Nikki Turner and the rest are making the most money off of your hard earned work. They have done their homework in this area and have executed their know-how very well.

Many authors choose to self-publish — after banging their heads against a brick wall for thinking that somehow some rip-off self-publishing company would actually invest in them. Somehow they’d  magically make them famous because they had sent out a generic email blast to variety of media sites … in hopes that a well-known news reporter will grab their alienated novel out of the pile [of what most consider generic rubbish due to the mass producing of stale literature].

You sit back waiting with high hopes and feeling very optimistic that some well-known or moderately known reporter will sensationalize your story; that why will write a laudable article about it, and have it published in a major paper, such as the USA Today, The Washington Post or some other popular periodical.

Swiftly thereafter your cell phone is ringing off the hook and you are on your way to Ophrah Winfrey and the rest is history.SNAP!! WAKE UP!! I’m not one who likes to crush your dreams, for I have similar ones myself. But it is a well-known fact that you have a better chance sitting at the dinner table with President Obama than to meet Ophrah.

Book Game PlanFor the most part, this monotonous scenario plays out every day in the minds of laymen . They begin their trek on the road of success fueled by the smoke blown up their ass by the propaganda producing companies who are too greedy to tell most writers the truth: the road to success is really a very rough, bumpy path.

Okay, now that we have the wood chips thrown into the fire — along with the otter and everything else we find ourselves frustrated by, including the lack of publicity that we actually forked over our life savings for –most of us after disappointing sales want to throw down the pen and scream out Whyyyyyyy! Why am I not successful?


Mainly there are two reasons, and to put it bluntly, one of the two reasons are at the main core of your problem:

1. Your book sucks and you have no reason being an author; people may have lied to you and told you that your writing is par excellence when it most definitively is not.

2. You have failed to prepare a strategic all-encompassing marketing plan. This would certainly include all sorts of online media exposure through blogs, magazines, and social media, not only in the form of reviews but also interviews, back stories and other compelling story lines.  Word of Mouth is your easiest access, but it takes a lot of effort and endless prompting to get even friends to actually get involved and participate, so you have to find ways that make it easy for them.  If you have a budget, you may want to include online and offline advertising, including radio, public television, and YouTube shows. AND DON’T FORGET public book appearances, trade shows and book fairs: if you’re not willing to get out there to sell your book, why should anyone else take an interest.

Online marketing is one of the most efficient ways that most independent self-published authors (and those published to a small local publishing company as well) should pursue or give very strong consideration to. For example, according to Publishers Weekly online magazine Amazon accounts for at least 30% of online sales when it comes to having a bestseller. Also note that according to PW online magazine the top selling “title in Amazon’s top five averages 1,094 print copies sold across all channels.” One book in particular sold an average of 1,094 copies per day as 30% of those sells went to Amazon which averaged 300 copies per day.

During PW’s study they determined by gathering empirical data following the book entitled “Dark Horse’s The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, a 300-page collection of historical information, concept art, and chronology of the famous Nintendo video game series.”

How exactly did they calculate these numbers in spite of Amazon’s tight-lipped policies on releasing actual sales numbers to the public?

"Selling Books can be quite traumatic using the Dick Cheney Method."

PW stated: “We charted the book’s ranking on Amazon, and during the weeks ended February 24 and March 3, it sold 8,573 copies and 6,128 copies, respectively, at outlets that report to Nielsen BookScan.” You do the math, and if that doesn’t sound enticing enough for you to consider advertising online then you shouldn’t be selling books. Source >>

Another advantage to online marketing one should consider is the vantage point of potentially being able to reach a much larger audience. On the web you are in an immediate position to reach-out worldwide.

You can cover much larger areas with the click of a button than travelling by car. This is not however meant to dissuade you from live appearances. They are crucial. But the web provide instant accessibility everywhere. On the web your possible reading audience can discover you, get to know you through online interviews, browse through the pages of your book, etcetera. They have immediate access to what you painstakingly crafted as a wordsmith at his or her best.  Last but not least, many well-established sites selling Urban Fiction can reach up to hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. Many smaller sites have audiences of thousands or more monthly who are possibly waiting to read your novel.

Just remember, as an author trying to sell books, no audience is too small. Sometimes you have to use guerrilla tactics and conquer the scene one area at a time.  Never forget, World War I was started by the assassination of one lone man. Sometimes you have to buckle up and hash it out daily, subtly until people take notice, even if it’s just one person at a time. There’s an old saying that suggests that everyone you meet is only three persons away from someone famous. Just imagine if someone reading your book just happens to be a relative or close friend of someone, such as Wendy Williams, or Steve Harvey, for example. You never know.

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Think positive, think urban!