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Trust is something we earn by the things we do. You can't live by the old adage 'Trust No One' for you will never succeed. Cheese is the name that you will come to know and believe.

How much is the fish? Depends on the size of it.

In life you get what you pay for.

Paying for something you want is not only necessary... it's a reality that will put you miles ahead of your competition. Like the old adage says, "You get what you pay for."


I feel passionately about certain topics and express them in writing in this blog, but also come across some sick funny stuff that I want to share in video format, or photos. It's all here, along with author interviews I conduct and book reviews I do. Click on anything below, and when you want to come back to this page you can just close the post with a X in the corner, or tap the Escape key on your keyboard (assuming you have one).

21 Jan

Harry Henderson’s Perfectly Cooked Rice

Dion Cheese // Blogs
21 May

Why Hating Mexicans Just Isn’t Worth It…

admin // Crazy Ass Video of the Week
15 Aug

DJ Cheese: The King Still Reigns

admin // Blogs
29 Jun

When Brok’n English Sounds Right

admin // Author Interviews
Never trust people with big butts, nor bar whores. The first have farts that are usually silent but deadly. The second, will do the same but then claim they don't remember.

D. Cheese

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