DJ Cheese: The King Still Reigns
15 Aug

DJ Cheese: The King Still Reigns .

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King Kut Label before he became label mates with RUNDMC on Profile Records

King Kut Label before he became label mates with RUNDMC on Profile Records

Many years have gone by since I’ve seen my estranged brother Robert “King Kut” Cheese. Meaning not literally seeing him, but rather bonding together as family. Not because of sibling rivalry, or anything of that nature but mostly due to life’s circumstances. I guess one has to play with the hand dealt. Anyway, today is the day my brother was born. and it has bought about a moment of reflection, honor, love, and respect that sometimes I don’t think  he understands even exists within our family.

DJ Cheese PosterHowever, the reason I’m writing this post is to share the love that I have for my older brother who came from nothing within the arms of a loving mother who bared and cared for the eight of us the best way that she could. How at times, when I wanted to sleep, but he blasted music day in and day out in that small room we all (Robin, Poopsie, me, and Artis) shared  in Townhouse Apartments perfecting his craft of turntable turntablism which later wowed the world by winning the DMC (Disco Music) Championship.

I can still recall the days when my brother played music inside the closet of  the tiny bedroom we shared, and the wild moments that we all shared as brothers. Many too wild to reveal to the public. But yet, we all had fun. It was because of him that I too entered into the world of Hip Hop even though it took a lot of work to convince him I was ready. We were like day and night. He was the popular extrovert while I was the book smart, shy, introvert. Nevertheless, while I secretly honed my craft of becoming a rapper. My big bruh, on the other hand, slayed every DJ on sight including his iconic idol; Grand Master Flash who was an amazing DJ and one of the most humblest men that I have ever met.

Continuing on his warpath to success before names like Jay-Z were even thought of. My brother (Poopsie aka DJ Cheese) later met Ed Fletcher AKA Duke Bootee his former manager, and producer who wrote one of the most well-known rap songs of all time…The Message. Duke managed to pull two rappers from Elizabeth, NJ who were known as simply ‘K’ and ‘G’ among the masses. The Trio were formed into a group called Word of Mouth featuring DJ Cheese. They released their hit single King Kut which literally took over the airwaves, and I found myself  blessed to witness the making of history right in the studio.

My brothers and me in our younger years...Say Cheese everyone!

My brothers and me in our younger years…Say Cheese everyone!

Thanks to my mother who trusted me enough to get up and go to school the next day.

Anyway, I remember taking a copy of the track to school before it was quite finished. The track at that time had some bells, snare drums, a few scratches and rough vocals. I remember letting a few of my classmates hear the tape, and me excitedly exclaiming, “My brother’s record is going to be hot!”

My friend just looked at me shaking his head and stated, “Man, I hate to say this but your brother song is kinda whack.”

My response to him was, “Okay, we’ll see.”

A few months later after the track was released the same guy came back and later apologized expressing how wrong he was. We both laughed and played that song everyday until the tape popped. Little did I realize at the time that I held a rare piece of history inside my hand.

But to make a long story short, my brother was born on this day of August 14th, 1966 and I could go on forever about his achievements. From his start coming from the projects of Potter’s Crossing in Edison,  NJ to our arrival on Arlington Avenue, in Plainfield, NJ to him partying with Will Smith in this video over in England. I could go on forever. But in the end all I can say if you are reading this is, I love you, and I salute you big bruh. Yahweh bless! You are a living legend!

DJ Cheese Hanging with Will Smith AKA  The Fresh Prince